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Tips for Restful Sleep with Dot Zacharias, Sleep Coach and iRest Yoga Nidra

Simple insights to help you sleep better

Mum Sleep - it's like regular sleep, but without the sleep! It is a huge challenge that mums face and on World Sleep Day we want to share with you some top tips from our very own Dot Zacharias, from Restfully and a core team member of the Nourish App.

Dot is a Sleep Coach and Yoga Nidra teacher and in this video, she shares with us some simple insights on how to really embrace your natural rhythm and your body's natural cycles throughout the day. Dot's suggestions help us to optimise energy and wellness as well as get a good night's sleep. 

Dot shares tips that don't require us to dramatically change our days, but help us to optimise our routine for greater wellness and sleep. We are not linear creatures, who can be 100% productive all day and sleep deeply throughout the night. We have 24 hours cycles and also smaller cycles, called ultradian rhythms. Understanding these can help us nurture and honour our natural cycles, so that we find feeling awake and falling asleep as natural and easy as possible.

What do you struggle with most when it comes to sleep? Falling asleep? Night waking? Or is your sleep constantly interrupted by the kids? Watch this video to ensure you have the best framework and head over to the app for some wonderful resources to help you fall asleep or rest and recharge when sleep hasn't been possible.

Get more support from Dot, including yoga nidra meditations for sleep on the Nourish App.

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