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A happier less stressed parental workforce

Nourish supports your parental workforce with their mental wellbeing so that they find more joy, calm and balance in their home and work life.

Pouring Coffee

1-Hour Webinars

- How to cope with Exhaustion

- The Art of Self-care for Parents

- Introduction to Mental Wellbeing for Parents

- How to Safeguard your Sanity

Group Therapy

Live coaching in small groups for working parents, over several weeks, to develop knowledge about self-care, a toolkit and peer-support network.

Group Coaching

Online Meditation

On-demand short courses that go into depth on a range of topics such as the psychology of common parenting emotions and challenges, techniques to safeguard your mental health.

Deep-dive short courses

Remote Team Meeting

A trusted online community for parents to meet with experts and discuss strategies for coping with daily challenges and finding more calm and joy in their working-parent journey.

Peer-Expert Community

Nourish Sessions - Meet us online
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