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Welcome to the Nourish Contributor Blog

Share your wisdom and motherhood experiences with the Nourish community

The Nourish blog is a space for mums and wellbeing professionals to support one another and share knowledge, expertise and experiences of motherhood to help mums find greater balance and joy in motherhood, support them in creating self-care habits and ensuring no mum feels alone in her struggles. 

We do not offer any payment for guest blogs, but we do promote the blog across all social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) and mention it in our weekly newsletter.

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How to submit a guest blog

If you would like to submit a blog, please read the example of blog topics below and blog style guide and


Submit a guest blog proposal here (opens a Google Form)

Please note: We really appreciate all blog proposals, however we reserve the right to determine which proposals will be shared with our community. We also reserve the right to edit your blog post and title. We will do our best to receive a final approval by the author. We also commit to crediting all contributions to the original author along with appropriate links. 

Examples of blog topics

💜 Self-care - creating self-care habits, self-care tips and transformational journeys with self-care. This can include self-care tips for the whole family!

💜 Fatigue / exhaustion - how to take care of your energy and get rest, when you are a busy mum. We welcome sleep tips as long as they are for mum too, not just for the baby!

💜 Mental health / Anxiety / Postnatal Depression - first-hand experiences of mental health and postnatal depression, or expert piece helping mums understand more about it 

💜Confidence / identity - how to manage your changing identify as you transition to motherhood and practices that can grow in confidence as a mother, whether you are a working mum or stay-at-home mum, on something in between!

💜Wellbeing - this can be a wide-range of topics, relating to mum's wellbeing, from nutrition, to movement, breath-work, meditation or other tips for boosting wellbeing when you are a busy mum

💜 Dads - learning about the perspective of dads, from lived experience of postnatal depression, to raising the awareness of how dads can benefit from self-care too

💜 Couples - tips for couples to support each other through the transition to parenthood, with a focus on wellbeing, mental health and self-care. 

Feel free to suggest your own topic too if you think it would be of interest to our audience!

Blog style guide

  • All blogs must be written in the first person (not by a brand or company)

  • Style: plenty of compassion, showing that you understand mums and what they are going through (typically our writers are parents themselves), plus some practical tips and advice that can be taken away from reading the blog (things you can do immediately)

  • Our readers are mostly UK mums, from new mums to mums with children up to around 10 years old who are busy, overwhelmed and interested in self-care and wellbeing

  • Should be an original blog but you can repost on your blog afterwards

  • Recommended word count = 800 words

  • Please send a short author bio (you can include links to your social media and website), author profile photo and high res blog photo if you have a preferred one, otherwise we can find one for you.

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