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Share Self-Care with your fellow parents with our free downloadable toolkit and request a live session with our Founder!


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Share self-care with your parenting group

Peer support is vital for empowering parents to look after their mental health. Why? Because guilt is one of the main barriers to self-care. It's hard to make the time for yourself when your children need you too. But if we acknowledge, together, that it's ok to look after ourselves - even essential - we might just find pockets of time to restore and recharge, which is good for us and our children too. 


We have created a simple toolkit for parenting groups, to help you share self-care.

You can download and use the toolkit, share the free Nourish app with peers, and request for our founder, or one of the Nourish team to run a free live session for your group (we are offering up to 1 per week). For more information, click below:


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We are on a mission to transform the wellbeing of parents in the UK and beyond. We cannot do it alone!


Get in touch to talk about how we can make mental wellness easier and more accessible for all parents together. 

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