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All users are eligible for a 1 month FREE trial when you select a subscription option. 

You can cancel your FREE trial or your subscription at ANYTIME.

No payment will be taken until the end of the trial period. 

Subscription Options​

3 subscription options are available starting at £1.50/ month:

  • Monthly: £2.99 / month

  • Quarterly: £5.99 / 3 months

  • Yearly: £17.99 / 12 months

You can manage your subscription at any time in your iTunes & App Store Settings.

Why We Charge

Our mission is to support as many mothers as possible with their positive wellbeing. We need to charge a small subscription fee to pay for the ongoing development and maintenance of the app and to enable us to keep reaching and supporting more mothers. means we can create more, relevant and specific content to meet your different needs at different stages of your journey as well as new functionality to enhance your user experience.

How to manage or cancel your subscription or trial

You can manage or cancel your subscription or FREE trial at any time.

To cancel your subscription on iPhone:

You can manage your subscription via your iTunes & App Store Settings:

  • Open iPhone Settings

  • Open iTunes & App Store Settings

  • Click on your Apple ID, click View Apple ID

  • Open Subscriptions

  • Open Nourish Subscriptions

  • Select new subscription option or click 'Cancel Subscription'

To cancel your subscription on Android:

  • On your Android phone, open the Google Play Store

  • Check if you're signed in to the correct Google Account.

  • Tap Menu > Subscriptions.

  • Select the subscription you want to cancel.

  • Tap Cancel subscription.

  • Follow the instructions.


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