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Work with us as an expert

Are you a qualified expert in mental health and wellbeing with an interest in supporting parents?

Thalia Pellegrini, BANT registered nutritional therapist (The Knackered Mums Nutritionist)


We work with experts in psychology and evidence-based wellbeing practices, including mindfulness, yoga, meditation, nutrition, sleep and more to help parents create their own toolkit and support network that they can turn to to improve their wellbeing and safeguard their mental health.

Meet our Expert Community.

Social Collaborations

Share your wisdom with our community and be seen via our Instagram or Guest Blog.

Expert App Contributor

Create exclusive written, audio and video content to the Nourish App and be listed on the app. 

Expert Community Contributor

Contribute regularly and join the Nourish Expert Community with more visibility and opportunities.


Earn a commission by sharing the Nourish App with individuals and organisations.

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