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5 Minute Escape - Mountain Stream Visualisation

It can be so soothing and reassuring to take ourselves to our happy place, especially when things are feeling tough. Have a watch of this short video to be transported, for a few minutes, to a place of beauty and calm with this gentle guided visualisation of a mountain stream. Allow yourself to use your senses to escape to this calming setting and watch as your worries float away on the water.


Sophie Burch (a.k.a. The Mamma Coach) is mother of 4 boys (including twins), a Hypno-CBT Therapist, Hypnobirthing Teacher and Aromatherapist.

She volunteers for the Positive Birth Movement and is an Ambassador for Make Birth Better. Sophie’s mission is to help pregnant couples and parents lower their anxiety and stress levels, building resilience to the constant challenges during this delicate, transformational time. Sophie uses Hypnosis, Mindfulness and Relaxation techniques to ensure her clients think and feel more positively and enjoy their experience, increasing confidence, more intuitive reactions and a calmer persona. She is passionate at convincing people they can achieve what they set out to do through commitment, practice, belief and motivation.

Sophie is also contributor to the Nourish app. Fine her soothing meditations for new mums here on the app.

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