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4 Ways to Create More Balance as a Working Parent

Tune in to this uplifting video from Tamsin @theparenthoodcoach as she shares 4 of her favourite strategies to help you create more calm, balance and enjoyment in your life as a working parent –which you TOTALLY deserve! Tamsin Williamson is a mum of two and a Transformational Life and Mindset Coach for Mums (a.k.a The Parenthood Coach). Tamsin supports ambitious but unfulfilled Mums who feel their passion, purpose and potential have been stifled by the intensity of the Mum juggle. Through holistic coaching Tamsin empowers mums to untangle their busy minds, reignite their fizzling spark and unearth their buried ambitions so they have the confidence to rule life while raising kids, unapologetically on their terms.

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