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3 Steps to Self-Kindness

In the aftermath of mistakes or when we fall short of our expectations, it is common for the inner critic to loom large. Contrary to what we’ve been lead to believe, that being tough on ourselves is the appropriate response, science actually shows quite the opposite. Self-kindness, not harsh criticism helps us step up and take action aligned with our values.

Join psychologist Suzy Reading to learn three steps to self-kindness. Be tender towards you and watch the benefits ripple out broadly.


Suzy Reading is a mother of two, a Chartered Psychologist, Yoga Teacher, Best Selling Author and Wellbeing Coach. She specialises in maternal well-being, helping mums manage their emotions, energetic bank balance and the unique stresses of motherhood. Suzy is particularly good at helping us find those micro-moments of nourishment to dot through our day.

Suzy is one of the founding members of the Nourish team and contributes over 50 nourishing tools (incl. 27 short videos) on the Nourish app, ranging from mindfulness and self-compassion basics, to breathing exercises, to dynamic yoga sequences, to mind based coaching activities.

Suzy has also written 7 books including – The Self-Care Revolution: Smart Habits & Simple Practices to Allow You to Flourish; The Little Book of Self-care: 30 Practices to Soothe the Body, Mind and Soul; Stand Tall Like a Mountain: Mindfulness and Self-Care for Children and Parents; and Self-care for Tough Times.

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