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Find more connection, compassion and calm in the chaos, pressures and turmoil of modern motherhood.

A growing library of practical, bite-sized, relevant and relatable wellbeing tools, to help you navigate the ups and downs of motherhood and boost your wellbeing.

Mindfulness, Yoga, Breathing exercises, Yoga Nidra, Compassion-based tools, Positive Psychology, Mantras, Nutrition tips & more from a team of wellbeing professionals who are all mothers, just like you.

1 month FREE trial


1 Month FREE trial.

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Cancel anytime.

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Making emotional wellbeing relevant, relatable and easily accessible for mothers.

Imagine a world where your mental health is given as much priority as your physical health.

Where mothers are never alone on their motherhood journey.

Where every mother has a personal support team, accessible at any moment, helping her love and nourish herself, and ride those waves of motherhood.

A world where all mothers have access to their best selves, and their families and communities reap the rewards.


We're revolutionising the motherhood journey

We're on a mission to make good mental health and positive wellbeing easy and accessible to all mothers.

We believe no mother should feel alone on her motherhood journey and that with access to the right tools & support, all mothers can find greater joy in their path.


A 'go-to' resource for all mothers

Our new mobile app will be your personal champion, your support team, your daily dose of nourishment.

Offering a wide range of relevant and accessible tools at your fingertips, tailored to your personal challenges and preferences in that moment, this will be your 'go-to' resource for motivation and inspiration in emotional wellbeing and self-care.

We're a social business

Our mission to help all mothers prioritise their self-care and look after their mental  wellbeing is at the core of our business and our decision making. We know that every one of us has mental health and that we all have the capacity to suffer from a mental health problem. We're keen to take a holistic approach to supporting all mothers by working with and supporting charities and health & wellbeing professionals. Because when we work together we really can change the world.


Get To Know Us

We are a committed team of mums, just like you – in the thick of it, riding the rollercoaster of motherhood.

We have a shared passion to help more mothers find greater joy in their motherhood journey and not only survive but thrive.

We also happen to be some of the industry's leading maternal wellbeing experts and clinical psychologists.

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