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Motherhood can feel overwhelming, exhausting and sometimes just really hard! 

Give yourself permission to pause.

To soothe your frazzled nerves.

To relax, restore & reboot. 

Try Nourish for instant moments of calm at your fingertips.

Meditations, videos and much more to help you

nourish YOU.

'Mum-time-out' your kids will thank you for. 

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Mindfulness, Yoga, Breathing exercises, Yoga Nidra, Compassion-based tools, Positive Psychology, Mantras, Nutrition tips & more from a team of wellbeing professionals who are all mothers, just like you.

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1 Month FREE trial.

£1.50-£2.99/month thereafter. 

Cancel anytime.

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Making emotional wellbeing relevant, relatable and easily accessible for mothers.

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