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Mental wellbeing toolkit and support team for busy mums

Try Nourish for instant moments of calm at your fingertips.

Mindful meditations, simple breathing exercises, psychology insights and much more, all-tailor made to mums. To help you nourish YOU.

'Mum-time-out' your kids will thank you for. 

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A carefully curated, on-demand library of practical, bite-sized wellbeing tools, specifically designed for busy mums.

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Nourish Experts

Meet our expert contributors - all parents and experts in their field - who provide guidance, tools and techniques to take care of your mental health and wellbeing, via the Nourish App. 

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Sara Campin

Life Coach and Founder 

Suzy Reading

Psychology and Yoga

Michaela Thomas

Clinical Psychologist

Dot Zacharias

Sleep and Yoga Nidra

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Dr Rebecca Moore

Perinatal Psychiatrist

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