Dot Zacharias

Sleep Coaching and Yoga Nidra

Dot Zacharias is a mother of two, Integrative Adult Sleep Coach, iRest Meditation teacher (a modern form of yoga nidra) and Co-Active Life Coach. 

Dot specialises in helping busy parents recover from sleep deprivation and to get their sleep back on track as soon as possible. Her approach is to combine sleep science, psychology, coaching and the restorative, healing benefits of iRest yoga nidra.

Through the Nourish app, Dot offers meditations  to calm the nervous system, to take a relaxing break, to fall asleep and reconnect with yourself. 

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About the Nourish App
On the Nourish app, you will find a large library of nourishing tools, ranging from mindfulness and self-compassion basics, to breathing exercises, to dynamic yoga sequences, to mind based coaching activities. 
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