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Mental health and wellness app for

busy parents

FREE PREMIUM access for all Locum's Nest users until the  end of June 2021

Nourish for Locum's Nest 

The pandemic has challenged the mental health and wellbeing of every one of us. But for our amazing health workers it has been a particularly difficult and stressful time.

Finding ways to positively support our mental health is crucial, right now more than ever. But as a parent, you probably rarely have a moment to yourself.

Nourish offers simple self-care, tailored to busy parents via our app, so that you can make the most of 2, 5 or 10 minutes in your day to de-stress, soothe your frazzled nerves, tune into more moments of joy and re-energise.

Explore the UK's leading wellbeing for parents app. The Premium version is free for all Locum's Nest users until the end of June 2021.

Nourish offers parents tailored, customisable,  on-demand, emotional support in your pocket

Access over 200 videos, audios and quick reads to help you navigate some of the big emotions and challenges you might be facing as a parent right now, and nourish your mind & body with simple self-care dotted throughout your day.

Feel supported through the ups and downs of parenthood by our team of 20 experts in psychology, mindfulness, breath, yoga, yoga nidra, nutrition, and more (who are all parents too!)

We're right behind you. You've got this!

How does it work

Nourish has been given a quality stamp of approval by the  world’s leading assessor of Digital Health products, ORCHA

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Get started

  1. Complete the form below

  2. Receive an email from Nourish with a link to download the app

  3. Create an account on the app and enter the referral code "LOCUMSNEST"

  4. Start exploring the app

  5. Receive an email from Nourish to confirm free access to Nourish Premium.

This offer is also available for all critical workers in the UK. Find out more and share with your networks.

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