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What is self-care?

We believe self-care is healthcare

The simplest definition of self-care is ‘nourishment’ – it’s a life-giving act that restores, sustains or improves your health.

By health, we’re not just talking about the physical body, but our emotional, energetic and mental health as well.

​A concept that helps bring self-care to life is to think of having an ‘energy bank balance’. Just like a car needs petrol to go, we need reserves to get us through our day. Self-care is the means by which we make a deposit into that energy bank. Proactively keep your energy bank balance healthy and you will be more resilient in the face of life’s inevitable challenges.

One of the reasons why it can be hard to define self-care is that everyone’s needs, interests, preferences and goals are different, so what one person finds nourishing differs from another and even our own needs will change over time.

The most effective kind of self-care is an individual and proactive approach. It is a bespoke response to the needs of your head, heart and body, on a daily basis.

Having a broad self-care toolkit to turn to in times of need will serve you well. That's why our app will include a range of multi-disciplinary, evidence based tools to nourish your mind depending on your needs and preferences. 

Why is self-care so important for mothers?

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