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Motherhood - The Real Deal

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Motherhood is magical and rewarding but it can also be relentless and at times really hard. We‘re keen to share real and honest accounts of the struggles of mum-life but also share tips and strategies from mums to support other mums through those difficult times.

Here are some topic ideas:


🌷 Birth recovery/postnatal depression

🌷 Feelings of failure, including perfection, control, comparison and judgement

🌷 The emotional roller-coaster / big (and real) emotions of motherhood

🌷 Sleep deprivation

🌷 Dealing with colic/reflux and a crying baby

🌷 Relationship issues

🌷 Separation anxiety


However feel free to propose your own! 


To help structure the post, we'd love to hear your responses across the following questions:

  1. Tell us the real deal. What is/was your experience? How did/does it impact you? Your mood? Your behaviour?

  2. How did/do you personally cope when facing this issue?

  3. What is your top tip for mothers who are struggling with this issue right now?

  4. Which is your favourite tool in the Nourish app to support this issue? (Optional)



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Self-care Series

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Self-care isn’t selfish!


It’s one of the best things we can do for our kids. When we’re practicing self-care, we can more easily access our best selves and more often show up as the mums we want to be.

Self-care transformed my journey as a mum and has had a massive positive impact on the relationships I have with my kids and with my partner.

We want to spread the self-care love and share this message far and wide and also help other mums integrate self-care into their lives.

It’s hard to make self-care happen and it often looks different from one person to the next. Our own needs also change over time. We’d therefore love to hear and share your self-care journey so you can help us inspire others.


What does self-care look like for you? What impact has it had on your life as a mum? How do you make it happen?


We’d also love to hear how the Nourish app has helped you on your journey. But that is not essential!

Ideally, we would love you to broadly cover the following questions when writing your post:

🌷What does self-care mean to you?

🌷What impact does self-care have on your life as a mum?

🌷What does self-care look like in practical terms for you? Do you have a regular practice?

🌷How (if at all) has this changed since you became a mum?

🌷How do you make self-care happen? How do you fit self-care into your busy life as a mum?

🌷How has the nourish app helped you with your self-care? (Optional)

🌷What is your top tip for mums struggling to make time for themselves right now?

[You are welcome to use the questions as subtitles; alternatively you can tell us more broadly about your journey with self-care as a mum]


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Wellbeing Series

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If you are a wellbeing professional with knowledge, insights and practical tools that could help our Nourish-mum community find more connection, compassion and calm in their busy mum-life, we would love to hear from you! 

Through the Nourish app we share bite-sized, practical wellbeing tools to help mums boost their wellbeing and navigate the ups and downs of motherhood. All the self-care tools on the app have been created by a team of multidisciplinary wellbeing professionals who are all mums themselves. 

The Nourish blog is a space for a broader set of wellbeing professionals to share their knowledge, expertise and experiences to support our mum-based community and help them build their understanding of different wellbeing disciplines and create and embed new self-care habits.

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