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Self-care Series

Self-care isn’t selfish!


It’s one of the best things we can do for our kids. When we’re practicing self-care, we can more easily access our best selves and more often show up as the mums we want to be.

Self-care transformed my journey as a mum and has had a massive positive impact on the relationships I have with my kids and with my partner.

We want to spread the self-care love and share this message far and wide and also help other mums integrate self-care into their lives.

It’s hard to make self-care happen and it often looks different from one person to the next. Our own needs also change over time. We’d therefore love to hear and share your self-care journey so you can help us inspire others.


What does self-care look like for you? What impact has it had on your life as a mum? How do you make it happen?


We’d also love to hear how the Nourish app has helped you on your journey. But that is not essential!

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Ideally, we would love you to broadly cover the following questions when writing your post:

🌷What does self-care mean to you?

🌷What impact does self-care have on your life as a mum?

🌷What does self-care look like in practical terms for you? Do you have a regular practice?

🌷How (if at all) has this changed since you became a mum?

🌷How do you make self-care happen? How do you fit self-care into your busy life as a mum?

🌷How has the nourish app helped you with your self-care? (Optional)

🌷What is your top tip for mums struggling to make time for themselves right now?

[You are welcome to use the questions as subtitles; alternatively you can tell us more broadly about your journey with self-care as a mum]

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