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Grounding inwards: coming home to your heart

Give yourself a moment of internal solace, peace and connection with this short grounding practice.

When we become parents or when we're considering becoming parents. We often don't consider how much we need to be supported and parented ourselves. Often these days, that support isn't always available to us, and that can feel quite difficult at times. So we all need to learn to tap into our inner parenting skills and learn to self-regulate and moderate our emotional health.

Join Perinatal Therapist, Sophie Burch in this short soothing and grounding practice and anchor back inwards the love we give out, reclaiming it back home.


Sophie Burch (a.k.a. The Mamma Coach) is mother of 4 boys (including twins), a Hypno-CBT Therapist, Hypnobirthing Teacher and Aromatherapist. She volunteers for the Positive Birth Movement and is an Ambassador for Make Birth Better. Sophie’s mission is to help pregnant couples and parents lower their anxiety and stress levels, building resilience to the constant challenges during this delicate, transformational time. Sophie uses Hypnosis, Mindfulness and Relaxation techniques to ensure her clients think and feel more positively and enjoy their experience, increasing confidence, more intuitive reactions and a calmer persona. She is passionate at convincing people they can achieve what they set out to do through commitment, practice, belief and motivation.

You can get more support from Sophie on the Nourish App.

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