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Coming home to our wombs, an invitation to root into our inner wisdom

The womb is our Root. It is the seat of our creativity and power. It is the portal through which life and creativity flows and it is a gateway for our deepest knowing.

Despite the innate, knowledge and wisdom she holds for each of us, many of us (even those of us who may have already conceived and had children) can still remain disconnected from our womb.

Maybe, we only think of our wombs in relation to our monthly cycles, which through patriarchal conditioning, is often treated as an inconvenient burden, the unwanted visitor that brings with it shame, pains, cramps, mood swings and cravings. Maybe we come to think of the womb again if /when trying to conceive or already pregnant, as the vessel or home to our babies. We underestimate how integral our womb health is to our overall wellbeing, balance, healing and vitality through all stages of our lives.

Within the chakra system, the womb sits between the root and sacral chakras which mean it is connected to the elements of earth and water. This is the balance between grounded energy and flowing energy - the perfect fertile ground for new life and creativity. If there are blockages (stagnation) in this area, physically or energetically, maybe caused by previous toxic partners, internalised shame, abuse, trauma, suppressed resentment, unhealed from miscarriages or abortions, over time it can show up in the form of physical dis-ease, or in the outer expressions of imbalance, toxicity or disfunction in other areas of our lives.

An invitation to connect with your womb

My invitation for women wanting to explore a journey of womb wellness is to begin with the breath and touch. In a relaxed and intentional way lay your palms lovingly over your womb area (ideally skin to skin), close your eyes and visualize the breath moving down, each breath going deeper and deeper until it reaches the womb. You may want to introduce some gentle loving light massage type strokes (with oil if you choose) to further activate and connect with this space from the outside in.

As you do so, allow yourself to drop your mental awareness and inner attention into the womb also. Once you feel that connection, you can visualize your womb as an internal temple, sacred and divine.

Begin gently and with curiosity and see what comes up for you. I find it helps to have a single point of enquiry. It could be:

“What might you (your womb) be holding on to that needs releasing?” or

“What do you “your womb” need most from me right now?”

It is likely the womb hasn’t been listened to in this intentional and sincere way before. It can be very emotional once that floodgate opens or it may feel very subtle. It can help to have a journal to jot down any signs or symbols you feel have been communicated to you during this time and to begin to pay attention to your cycle, your energy and all the ways your womb may choose to communicate to you.

Womb wellness is a journey and an ongoing practice of cultivating care, love and connection to ourselves and our wombs. However you choose to explore it, making space for and coming into alignment with our womb and our cycles is healing medicine and our birthright as women. Let’s claim it.


About the author

Nehanda Truscott-Reid is a mother of two, a Holistic Wellness Coach and founder of The Soul Mama Journey, through which she supports women to heal, awaken and thrive through Conscious Conception, Sacred Pregnancy, Postpartum and Motherhood.

She is also the host of The Soul Mama Podcast which features conversations with amazing women about spirituality, wellness and conscious motherhood. She is passionate about supporting mothers to tap into their inner resourcing to elevate the motherhood journey into the transformative awakening it’s intended to be.

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