Nourish Affiliate Programme

Get a unique Nourish Affiliate Code and receive up to 20% commission on Premium Purchases when you share the Nourish App to people in your network. Customers who come via you will also receive a FREE GIFT when they register on the app!

The Nourish App is a place for parents to get an instant moment of calm. Tailored to busy, time-poor parents, the app provides bite-sized moments of mindfulness, yoga, positive psychology and meditation, in your pocket.


Nourish is founded on the strength of its partners and community. We have a strong and growing community of parents who believe, like we do, in the importance of self care, wellbeing and mental health. You can be part of it too by becoming an Affiliate. 

Who can become a Nourish Affiliate? Anyone with an interest in sharing the Nourish App. Request a Registration Form and, if approved, we will send you a unique code to share. Read How the Affiliate Programme Works.

Why become a Nourish Affiliate?


We have created the Nourish Affiliate Programme to support people in our community feel good and get recognised when they share and promote the Nourish app. Not only will you receive a commission (up to 20%) but users who enter your unique code will receive a FREE GIFT from one of our partners too.


There is very little to do: simply share your unique code with your users and you will both benefit!


As part of our Affiliate Network you will receive Programme Content to help you talk about Nourish with your community and monthly emails with news, resources and updates specifically for our Affiliate Network.

How does being an Affiliate work?


  • When you become an affiliate you will receive a unique code that you can share with your community. When our customers use your unique code they will receive a digital goody bag of freebies provided by our partners. 


  • As an Affiliate of Nourish you can choose to receive either 20% commission of Premium Purchases associated with your code or receive a 10% commission and donate 10% to our charity partners. It’s completely your choice. 


  • Every quarter, you will receive commission from Premium Purchases associated with your code, to your nominated bank account. 

It's that simple!